What’s New?!

14 Sep

So for this issue I decided to do one of my favorite things… SHOP! For research purposes only of course! I had a sneak peek at some of the top high-street stores and small boutiques, newest and most popular lines. Have a gander at some ‘big dollar’ babies and some ‘watchin the pennies’ gems.


This gorgeous gown is a real showstopper, but it does come at a price! Cassii Dress £229.00 (Ouch!) However, if you are able to treat yourself, this is definitely the store to visit. Such beautiful, glamorous gowns and dresses that are sure to make every lady feel like a princess!

Find this and more at www.tedbaker.com



This cute little skater dress is so simple yet sooo pretty! Can be dressed up or down, and for £36.00 this is a quality item that you can wear and wear again! All organic and fairtrade clothing! The line can also be found in Topshop.

Find this and more at www.anniegreenabelle.com



For a unique vintage twist, as well as having a one of a kind dress! Vintage Zizou is the perfect place to shop for preloved, timeless clothing. These dresses are a STEAL at just £15 each! With their recent cover on Cardiff Life Magazine, they are a definite style spot, although not many people are aware of this gorgeous store. So go get yourself acquainted at the Castle Arcade, Cardiff.

Find this and more at Vintage Zizou’s Facebook page.


About the writer: Alex is a drama graduate and self taught photographer. She started out by photographing her friends unique style and was soon approached by others wanting to be shot by her. She has recently been offered representation and has been listed as a photographer for Vogue Italia. You can find her on twitter, facebook and her website.


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  1. Anca Maria Cesar 21/03/2013 at 5:24 pm #

    Thank you for the kind words about our shop. We love you Alex! xxx

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