Dr Sarah’s Cinematic Cure for All Ills

8 Sep

Times are tough, the weather is bad, the economy is stagnant, student fees have shot up and there’s nothing to look forward to until Christmas, which lies all the way in the hazy future land of December. While the following list may not do anything for coughs and colds or aches and pains, it can be applied as a remedy for the soul in these troubled times. Apply topically or ingest internally and the best effects can be achieved with a steaming bowl of popcorn, a few friends and comfy cushions.

1)   Anything in the Nora Ephron oeuvre

Don’t judge me. The Queen of the rom-com turns gentle heartache into cotton candy flavoured cuteness in Meg Ryan vehicles such as You’ve Got Mail. Okay they aren’t going to win any prestigious awards for narrative complexity and originality but who cares? These are feel good films.

2)   The Princess Bride

Whimsically eccentric and gloriously upbeat, The Princess Bride turns the traditional fairy tale on its head with a fair bit of humour and adventure. There are especially good turns from the supporting cast but e warned, don’t watch this with some one likely to keep quoting the “mawwidge” speech or else you will live to regret it.

photo from here

3)   The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Mix 1 part quirky comedy with 1 part tender hearted father son story and add pinches of Mexican David Bowie Covers, David Selick’s intricate stop motion creatures and oddball characters.

4)   The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A staple of the midnight movie scene for years, Rocky is a musical ideal for those who dislike musicals and an oddball tribute to classic sci-fi/horror.

5)   Pushing Daisies Box Set

With shorter seasons than your average US TV show it is quite possible to comfortably get through every episode over one weekend with adequate brakes for pie and hot drinks. Bryan Fuller’s whimsical “forensic fairytale” is populated with such ridiculously adorable and optimistic characters that five minutes in your blues will be banished.

6)   Independence Day

Yes, you read that right. This trashy 90s disaster flick pushes all the right buttons. It is wonderfully over the top in terms of both story and sentiment. At the President’s final speech you will either be spewing up or punching the air but either way you will be de-stressed and have had a good laugh too.

7)   The Shawshank Redemption

It takes a while to get there but the scene near the end in the rain would put anyone in a good mood.

8)   Roman Holiday

Princess in disguise Audrey Hepburn spends a day flitting about Rome looking pretty and romancing a cynical reporter. For added Hepburn goodness, follow up with a dose of Sabrina and My Fair Lady.

photo from here

9)   Hairspray (2009)


10)  Amelie

I think that this one is pretty obvious.

About the writer: Sarah is a filmmaker and writer with an obsession for luscious visuals and a distain for tomatoes (they are a sneaky and untrustworthy foodstuff). If she’s not blogging, she’ll be watching films or running around with her video camera.


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