Dressing For Your Shape

31 Aug

Slim and Slender

So, as promised, this week we get some style tips and advice for ladies with smaller frames. Growing up, I myself was naturally very slim and as much as I ate (a lot!) I didn’t seem to put on any weight. I was often called ‘thin lizzy’ or ‘gangly annie’ by my lovely family members! However, after having children my body obviously took a different shape and I now have curves in places that I didn’t before. I loved both body shapes but can also relate to some of the problems that may arise from matching your wardrobe to your shape.

This week I spoke with the lovely Bryony Whittington, a young up and coming make up artist slash model, about what problems, pressures and pleasures that the more slender frame can create.


So Bryony, you have a beautiful figure! Do you mind me asking what dress size you are?

No, not at all. I’m an 8 usually but can also wear a 6.

That’s my shoe size!! What sort of style would you say you have in terms of clothing?

My everday wear is quite smart/casual. Jeans and a top kinda thing but very femenine. Depending on where I’m going, I do like to dress quite cute but with a bit of an edge. In the evening I like to glam up but not too OTT! I like tight fitted dresses and sweet short floaty ones.

How easy do you find it to dress for your shape?

I’m quite lucky that I find it easy to find clothes that suit my body shape. I’m quite small and petite so find that there is quite a large range.

Do you think it’s important to match your clothing to your body frame?

I think its very important to match your clothing with your body frame, as you want to find clothes that will help compliment your figure. Finding certain necklines on tops for example is very important as some could make you look broader etc.

Do you embrace your shape or do you ever wish you were a bit curvier, smaller etc?

I like the shape of my body, however, sometimes I do wish I could be slightly taller or have a bigger bust.

What style advice or tips would you give other ladies with slender frames?

Trying out different styles and not always going for the same sort of look. Belts always help around the waist to create curves if you don’t have much shape there. High waisted trousers add length to your legs. If you’re short, try to avoid skinny jeans. I find they tend to make you look even shorter! If you have broad shoulders, avoid strapless tops, however, strappy tops help give the appearance that your shoulders stop where the straps do.

Who are you’re stye icons?

Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus.

And finally, where do you most like to shop?

I mostly shop in Topshop at the moment, but I also love River Island and New Look.

During this interview Bryony was modeling for me for Annie Greenabelle clothing ,so her outfit can be found at www.anniegreenabelle.com

Other pictures of Bryony…

Other ladies embracing their slender shapes include Kiera Knightley (Actress), Kirsten Dunst (Actress), Erykah Badu (Singer), Sarah Jessica Parker (Actress), Twiggy (Model), Alex Chung (Presenter) just to name a few….


Well another beautiful lady with a beautiful figure to match I say!

..And of course I couldn’t leave you without just a little bit of street style! So here’s a funky fashionista that I snapped on the street in lovely Caerphilly.

Name: Sarah Steadham

Age: 18

From: Cardiff

Where did you get your outfit: Jacket is from Zara, £39.99. My T-shirt is topshop, £20. Leggings are from H+M, £15 and my boots are Kurt Geiger for £45 (wowzer!)

Where are you wearing this: To town. Shopping!

Where is your favorite place to shop: Zara, because I work there! And Topshop.

Who is your style Icon: Beyonce!

Do you think dressing for your shape is important: Yes. I buy clothes I love but I also make sure they suit me too. An item may be nice but not look great on your body. You have to be comfortable and confident.


Next issue: We take a look at some of the ‘Latest Looks’ from some of the top fashion retailers! From break the bank beauties, to cheap as chips charmers!

About the writer: Alex is a drama graduate and self taught photographer. She started out by photographing her friends unique style and was soon approached by others wanting to be shot by her. She has recently been offered representation and has been listed as a photographer for Vogue Italia. You can find her on twitter, facebook and her website.


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