Reading 2012

27 Aug

Cross posted to Daisy’s blog

For me, Reading Festival is like the lottery. I’ve got a ticket, but what will the line up be like? Shit? Totally awesome? Mediocre? Will I be forced to sell my ticket on ebay? Luckily for me [yay] the line up this year was brilliant. And when I say ‘this year’ I mean ‘on Sunday’. Save for the Cure I can’t say I was impressed by anyone really.

So first up are Of Monsters And Men [yeah I’d never heard of them either]. Hailing from Iceland, they’re a seven piece folksy band whose songs got better as the set went on. They played a mix of slow and upbeat songs [some even went from fast to slow] but I preferred the faster songs. By the end, whilst bopping, I thought to myself ‘you know what, these guys aren’t half bad’. And the frontman looked like a hipster version of Samwell Tarly 😀

photo from here

Django Django were very ‘eh’ and apart from the matching tie dye t shirts they had nothing going for them.

Over in the Alternative Tent were the comedians. It was a great atmosphere what with all the smoke and sweat but at least we got to sit down. Tom Rosenthal had a wonderfully colourful cardigan but wasn’t that funny and is better in Friday Night Dinner. Holly Walsh was very funny; she invited some bloke to strip on stage [which he did- all the way] and counselled middle class girls with horrible names like Breeze, Trinity and Dorothy. It also turned out that she loves swearing [a woman after my own heart] and that collectively, the tent’s favourite swear word was cunt. Stephen K. Amos was brilliant as usual, sweating like a paedophile on a bouncy castle [his words] whilst he regaled us with tales of how he got mistaken for Samuel L. Jackson in Thailand and that hecklers are idiots. Especially if they’re from Reading.

Back to the music now, The Skints were brilliant, playing new and not-so-new-but-not-that-old stuff from their latest and first albums respectively. I mean who doesn’t enjoy the mix of reggae, ska punk and dub? Parly B came onstage for Soundboy which was such a good song to hear live as were Culture Vulture and Mindless. And is it me or does Jon Doyle look good playing bass? I mean really good. Dapper gentleman alert here, ladies.

The Kasier Chiefs were the only band I properly saw on the main stage and they were fantastic to watch, mainly because Ricky Wilson has such a wonderful onstage presence. They played their hits, which went down well and sounded pretty good too.

My sister wanted to see King Charles so we headed over to the Festival Republic tent and while she went inside I watched from the sidelines. I must be old or something as I had no idea who King Charles were but when they turned out to be pretty decent I was happy.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich was on straight afterwards and was very chilled [not good when I was trying to stay awake] but ultimately boring.

Next was Two Door Cinema Club who I’ve heard a lot about but I wasn’t impressed. It was like listening to a rather bland, never-ending song. Ergh.

So I headed over to the Lock Up Stage to watch Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. And, well they’re the Gimme Gimmes aren’t they- of course they’re going to be entertaining. With their stylish matching pink Hawaiian shirts and beautiful set list, it would be hard not to have a good time.

And then came Less Than Jake: fuck yeah! Damn they put on a show. Opening with Gainesville Rock City it just went from there really. Highlights: History Of A Boring Town and Look What Happened. Actually you know what, the whole damn set was a highlight. And never have I had so many hefty crowdsurfers nearly crush me.

photo from here

Reading 2013, let’s hope you’re just as good.

About the writer: Daisy is an irregular photographer, wannabe writer and full time female. In between tea and toast breaks she spends far too much time on the internet blogging, tumbling and tweeting. She is unapologetic in her love of the Spice Girls.


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