Dressing For Your Shape

15 Aug


We chat to our lovely, local fashionistas to give our readers some advice on various style issues that us lovely ladies are faced with.

This week we spoke to nineteen year old Rosie Leigh Porter from Newport who has curves  that kill and a unique style to match! She gave us some tips on how to accentuate our curves and feel great!

So Rosie. You look amazing! How would you describe your style?

I don’t think I can really describe it in one word, it seems to change depending on my mood!

And is style important to you?

Definitely! I believe your style is part of what defines who you are.

How important do you think it is to dress for your shape?

It’s massively important. If you dress right, you not only look great but it gives you more confidence so you feel just as amazing! Every girl needs to learn to wear clothes that they know flatters their figures. Personally, I wouldn’t wear a crop top and hot pants as it wouldn’t suit me and I’d feel very self conscious.

So what would be your top tips to the beautiful curvier ladies out there?

The first is to always define your waist. It instantly gives you a gorgeous hourglass shape. Always be sure to feel comfortable in anything you wear and highlight your best features. If you have great legs, get them out! If you have big boobs, accentuate them! In the right way of course! It’s just about showing off your best features.

Ok, talk us through your outfit.

I love playsuits. I got this one from Topshop for £46. It’s really light and floaty. I love the cut of the bust and the waistline.

So who would you say some of your style icons are?

Hmm..that’s hard. I tend to follow era’s more than individual people. I love 40’s hollywood glam, and also the pin-up era. Marilyn Monroe was amazing.

And finally, where are your favorite shops to get this look?

Topshop is great. Urban outfitters is really quirky. I shop at a lot of small vintage stores too, as well as ebay. Oh and Primark of course!

Other sexy women embracing their even sexier curves include Kate Winslet (Actress, Size 12), Whitney Thompson (Model, size14), Nigella Lawson (Celebrity Cook, Size 12) Jill Scott (Singer, Size 14) not to mention the Kardashian sisters, Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson amongst others…

Well I’m sure you’ll agree, Rosie looks phenomenal! Unique style comes in all shapes and sizes, and we managed to grab a few snaps of two funky fashionistas on the street this week!

Name: Aimee Taylor

Age: 22

Where did you get your outfit: The top is from select, £10. Sorts are from Asda £10. Trainers were from sports direct £15.

Where is your favorite place to shop: Select

Where are you wearing this: To lunch with my mum.

Who is your style icon: I don’t really have one.  I guess I’m sort of my own style icon!

Do you think dressing for your shape is important and do you find it difficult:  I just tend to wear what I feel like wearing. It’s important to wear what you feel looks good on you.

Name: Kenya Connikie

Age: 13

Where did you get your outfit: The top is from Topman and it was £30. The jeans are New Look for £20 and the trainers are from the Nike Store in McArthurGlen and were £50.

Where is your favorite place to shop: Topman!

Where are you wearing this: To the cinema.

Who is your style Icon: Rita Ora

Do you think dressing for your shape is important and do you find it difficult: I think it’s really important because if you don’t wear the right clothes for your body, you just don’t look right. I find it really hard though because I’m quite tall and naturally thin. I have long legs and a small waist so sometimes I struggle to find things to fit me and not look like they are just hanging off me!…

…Keep an eye out for the next issue where we delve deeper into some of the issues naturally slim ladies come across when trying to find the right clothes for their figures.

About the writer: Alex is a drama graduate and self taught photographer. She started out by photographing her friends unique style and was soon approached by others wanting to be shot by her. She has recently been offered representation and has been listed as a photographer for Vogue Italia. You can find her on twitter, facebook and her website.


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  1. tamedfaddism 15/08/2012 at 10:58 am #

    i love the top look because it’s just soooo simple

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