Embarrassing Bodies makes bodies less embarrassing

6 Aug

Embarrassing bodies is popular for a reason. Not just so that we can all laugh at the penis’ and squirm at the dischargey bits but for other reasons as well. For instance, how many times have you had a problem that was a tad bit down south and decided that it will fix itself or it is isn’t important enough to see the doctor for? You would rather cope with that red rash than ever go to a surgery and actually present the problem to another human being.
I’m not gonna say that the show isn’t a hit for the comedy factor. I have sat down on many occasions with friends and family to watch and we all end up giggling or hiding our eyes! But this isn’t what the show is about. The show is about helping people with genuine problems finally get themselves sorted out. Some of these people have had these problems for years! They may or may not have seen their doctor but the problem has not been cured.
GPs see thousands of different people every year and many within one working day. With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand that they may diagnose a condition incorrectly. This may be serious, and the show helps patients to double check their conditions. I’m not saying the show is a miracle cure, it is much easier to sit in a studio over webcam and then send the patient off to see a specialist, but it does give the patient further help and advice.
Many people ask however why people who are not able to see their doctors due to embarrassment are able to go on national television and show their problems. There may be many reasons for this, first of all, they may have seen their GP but their problem is still not cured but there is also a feeling of distance over webcam or online generally that may help them to talk about their issue. Or they may just want to get their issue sorted and quickly, by not waiting weeks for an appointment at their local surgery. The various doctors on the problem can also offer different opinions and suggestions for treatment which generally doesn’t happen seeing your one GP.
The title of the show itself connotes problems that ordinarily you would be embarrassed about but by showing these problems and getting used to them then provides an immunity to becoming embarrassed and people can then see that it is not just them and they should not be too embarrassed to go and see their doctor as there are other people out there with the same or similar problems and they can both also be offered the advice to treat it and maybe free some of the GPs time so that other patients can attend the appointment times. Does the program then promote good health and make you more likely to visit your doctor?
Opening up after hours when people aren’t in work or at a time when people can sit down and discuss their problem is an interesting idea. An idea that if doctors were employed to sit and talk to patients after hours, it may helps the NHS crisis while also offering more jobs. However there is the question as to whether the NHS can then afford to pay these people. Would it have to run on a volunteer basis, would there be many doctors or people in this occupation interested? What do you think, would it help? Would things run smoother and better if there was an out of hours service? Let us know in the comments section!

About the Writer: Becky has just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing and is very happy with her 2:1. She is friendly, bubbly and just so happens to be the co-creator of Yellow Bunting. She hopes you enjoy it and that you get involved!


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